Liability Insurance Options for Attorneys

Liability Insurance Options for Attorneys

It is your job to offer your clients legal protection, and shield them against further damages that can incur. However, cases do not always go as planned, and unfortunately your client could direct his disappointment and anger towards you. Attorney’s professional liability insurance offers protection in instances like these, when coverage is required to prevent losses.

When Would You Need Insurance?

The courtroom is a surprising and dynamic place, full of situations that could turn on a dime. Attorneys professional liability insurance exists to protect you if your client becomes frustrated and seeks to blame you for the turn of events. This insurance can provide coverage in the following situations:

  • Malpractice suits
  • Failure to meet client expectations
  • Attempts to reclaim financial losses
  • Alleged errors and omissions

What Type of Coverage is Available?

Attorneys professional liability insurance options are varied. Outside the parameters of basic insurance, some companies will cover disciplinary hearings, breaches of privacy and prior acts. Options exist to even assist with the costs of subpoenas and a wide variety of excesses. As an attorney, it is important to make sure you are protected an insured, to prevent unfair and unnecessary losses for you and your firm. Prevent a disruption to your career by seeking coverage now.