Kingdom Harvest

King Harvest and Benefits of Cannabis

Kingdom Harvest is a collective of counselors and naturopaths located in California who work with people to ensure they have access to safe, reliable and lab-tested CBD and THC medication. They work with patients, doctors and support groups and prioritize educating people about the many healing properties of cannabis oil and cannabis products.

They work with both the western medical community and natural therapy centers to help bring awareness about how cannabis can help support and heal a person’s body. They also strongly believe in working with people individually and helping to determine everyone’s needs on a case by case basis. This collective offers support, a healing environment, education and advocacy, along with medical grade cannabis oil.

 Mission Statement

Kingdom Harvest takes its mission very seriously and they focus on providing the following services:

Provide patients with high quality, lab-tested cannabis medication.
Provide education.
Raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis.

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

 Although the Federal Drug Administration hasn’t yet approved the many benefits of cannabis, countless   medical professionals now prescribe marijuana for several physical and mental ailments including:

 Help treat Alzheimer’s Disease
 Pain relief from arthritis
 Can reduce inflammation
 Effective sleep aid/Treats insomnia
 Eases symptoms of depression
 Lessen anxiety

Kingdom Harvest Products

There are several different cannabis products available through Kingdom Harvest including extract oils, salves and topicals, tinctures, vape cartridges and edibles.

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