staff insurance

What Kind of Staff Insurance Does Your Agency Need?

Your client is looking for just the right person to fill a temporary or permanent position. Your agency makes every effort to screen potential staff thoroughly through background checks, interviews and resume review. Even after every precaution has been taken, something can go amiss with one of the people you place, whether through incompetence, accident or malice. Make sure you have staff insurance to protect your agency if this happens.

You may research your options regarding insurance and wonder what kind of staff insurance you need. There are many types of liability insurance, worker’s compensation and provisions to protect against cyber theft. Consider what kind of risk is most characteristic of the kind of industry you deal with. If your staffers are white collar workers, you may have a lower risk of injury on the job, but you should still take injury liability into consideration. You may provide staff for tech companies, and in this situation, cyber assault may be more of an issue than if you work with construction companies, for example. Assess your risks and choose your insurance accordingly.

Talk to a staff insurance agent about policies, packages and umbrella insurance. You may find that a comprehensive liability insurance policy is the right choice for your agency, or you may opt for individual policies. If you are unhappy with your current insurance package, you can usually find ways to upgrade and expand your options for coverage.