Marina Insurance

Is Your Marina Fully Protected?

If you own a marina, yacht club, dock, or harbor, then it goes without saying that you want it to be a safe, secure place your clients can trust with their vessels and seagoing experiences. That means seeing to it that you’re protected, come what may, by a comprehensive yacht club/marina insurance policy.

Why Is Dedicated Marina Insurance So Important?

Every industry is unique, as is every individual business, so your insurance coverage needs to be as well. The yacht club and marina owners will naturally have some concerns that are very specific to the nature of what they do. Dedicated marina insurance makes sure those specific bases are covered and accounted for from every possible angle. As referenced on, possibilities include:

  • The safety and integrity of vessels associated with your business, including those owned, rented, borrowed, or otherwise operated by your team.
  • The safety and integrity of your members’ property, including their 
  • Concerns related to chartering, training courses, and more as offered by your facility.
  • Any and all issues related to your commercial property and real estate.

Comprehensiveness Is Key

No two marinas or yacht clubs are going to be exactly the same, so it’s important to make sure your policy is comprehensive enough to address your business’s unique concerns. A dedicated maritime insurance company can help you hammer out the details and make sure you’re 100 percent covered given any set of circumstances.

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