Collectors Car Insurance

Insure Collectors Car Accessories

A classic vehicle goes beyond the car itself. Many hard-to-find components requiring special tools make up your antique car, and there’s the collectible memorabilia to consider as well. Don’t stop your collectors car insurance coverage at just the driving liability. Insure everything that makes your baby so wonderful.

Tools Keeping Your Collectible Running

If you’re a collector who performs his or her own maintenance on the classic car, you undoubtedly have service tools dating back a few years. These items are valuable and need protection against theft, elements, fire and other types of damage. If you have an extensive tool collection, it probably cost you nearly as much as your car. Make sure it’s protected.

Memorabilia and Other Classic Paperwork

Many collectors include memorabilia in their classic auto collection. It’s something to own a classic Model-T; it’s even better to own the marketing materials, original paperwork or other memorabilia issued with the vehicle. These items must be insured as well, particularly if you live in an area that is subject to natural damage, such as flooding. Alongside your tools, you’ve likely built quite a memorabilia collection over the years, and you must ensure that you have the proper collectors car insurance to cover these precious items.