cargo liability programs

Insurance: Safety Net for Global Cargo

The global market for goods has expanded exponentially over the last few decades. Today, all forms of cargo are routinely shipped all over the world. Owners of merchandise that is bound for destinations overseas may face risks not associated with many domestic types of transport. When moving freight globally, cargo liability programs can help reduce these additional chances for physical loss.

Remove Gaps With a Single Policy

To reach destinations across the globe cargo may be moved by any combination of truck, ship, plane and train on the same journey. Goods may face many hazards on a global passage.

  • Theft or undelivered shipments
  • Natural catastrophes such as hurricanes
  • Damage caused by mishandling
  • Vessels colliding or capsizing

When shippers purchase insurance piecemeal, they run the risk of intervals of non-coverage on their freight occurring. When standard insurance contains gaps in coverage, the insured may not be aware of it until there is a claim. Cargo liability programs provide coverage for the entire time the merchandise is en route thereby eliminating this problem.

Reduce Stress and Expenses

Shipping internationally is stressful enough without having to worry about a potential loss of goods. Cargo liability programs can simplify matters by providing uninterrupted coverage, one claim process whenever damages occur and usually a saving on premium costs.