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Insurance Policies for Dry Cleaning Services

When starting a business, it’s important to find a good insurance program or set of policies that can protect your business in the event of an accident or other problem. As there are a variety of different insurance policies that exist for all different types of businesses, though, what are the best choices for dry cleaners insurance?

Choosing Policies for Your Dry Cleaners

Working alongside an insurance company with a specialization in fabricare can not only make sure that you build a portfolio full of helpful policies for a dry cleaning service but for your specific one. Every business is different, so ask yourself where you could see extra costs coming from claims or damages. Some types of dry cleaner insurance to consider include:

Business Liability – For when you may experience business interruptions or E&O mistakes.

Property – Protection for your business’s building and interior belongings such as furniture.

Property of Others – Especially important for dry cleaners, you’ll need to be sure to cover the costs should anyone’s clothing be damaged or lost.

Equipment Breakdown – Machine maintenance and replacement can become quite costly, especially for very unique and delicate equipment.

Automobile – If you make deliveries for the clothing to and from your store, insuring the transportation vehicles can be vitally important.

Worker’s Compensation – Employees becoming hurt due to the equipment or chemicals often leads to you paying the medical bills unless you have this type of insurance.

Crime – Unfortunately, robbers can be a threat to your business, stealing important items and money.

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