Insurance Coverage for Independent Living Facilities


Independent Living Facilities Insurance for Agents

For those who offer insurance coverage and underwrite risks in any industry, new emerging markets can be both a challenge and a great opportunity. When reviewing the independent living facilities insurance for agents to recommend for their clients, whatever the size or type of facility, the best option will necessarily consider the needs of the particular facility at issue, and allow the agent maximum flexibility in tailoring options in risk underwriting that can suit the needs of the client.


Different Companies With Different Needs


A large corporation that is the operator of numerous facilities in many states will have a very unique set of needs in insurance, while a single-location operation with only a handful of employees and guests at the facility may need different specifics in the coverage that you will craft for them. Knowing the range of options available in independent living facilities insurance for agents that serve all sorts of care centers, from rehabilitation homes to assisted living or continuing care facilities, is one of the prime factors in being able to suit the levels of coverage to be offered and fit the plans available to the needs of the clients.


Regardless of the size or scope of the needs that the facility may have for risk underwriting, a comprehensive insurance plan needs to consider the following areas of concern:


– General liability, for risks associated with the facilities and accidents;

– Professional liability to cover errors and omissions of administrators;

– Workers compensation coverage for employees;

– Employee benefits coverage;

– Sexual misconduct coverage;

– Commercial property coverage for the facilities and grounds;


As the expert in the insurance marketplace, the broker is the one to whom the facility administrators turn to understand their options, so the breadth and range of independent living facilities insurance for agents to offer to their clients needs to be broad and exhaustive to help them make the best possible choices.