Improve Your Online Presence With Insurance Marketing

For those of you have been in insurance for some time, you are quite aware of the massive evolution that insurance advertising and marketing has made in the past decade. Having an online presence has never been more important than it is today; one simply cannot rely on print ads anymore. Yet having that online presence requires much more effort than simply launching a website. If you’ve been wondering why your leads have become stagnant, or your site hits have gotten progressively fewer and far between as time goes by, the answer may be simple—you just aren’t taking advantage of all of the online insurance marketing strategies that are available to you today.


Did you know that 80% of insurance shoppers will refer to the Internet to compare quotes and companies before making a final decision? That means if your website isn’t properly optimized to allow those shoppers to easily find your website, you are missing out on the vast majority of new customers actively searching for insurance on any given day of the week. Online insurance marketing is a highly specialized field of advertising; as such, if you are looking for new and improved online traffic, you should really consider finding a marketing firm that concentrates exclusively on promoting insurance products. These firms stay informed of new changes and trends in the industry, and know what it takes to bring new leads your way.