Improve Your Insurance Email Sales Response Rate with Integrated Marketing

Improve Your Insurance Email Sales Response Rate with Integrated Marketing

How much time and resources have you spent on insurance Email marketing as of late? Sure, sending Emails is free, but the energy and design time that can go into an Email campaign is not. Additionally, response rates for Email marketing campaigns are notoriously low. How can you effectively and cost-consciously reach potential customers is a world that is so cluttered?

Make It Part of a Strategy, Not THE Strategy

Email should never be your first point of contact. Todays world is too busy. Customers are continuously bombarded with information they didnt request, and they have become adept at hitting the delete button or enabling spam filters so that these messages do not get through.

When your Email campaign is a part of a vigorous integrated marketing plan, however, you will see response rates soar.

Integrated Marketing

A strong integrated marketing plan includes effective web design, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, internet advertising, telemarketing, and Email campaigns. Each of these strategies work with the next to build a rapport with customers and help them feel that they are receiving individual information and attention.

When you just blast Emails, you dont get far. When your insurance Email sales strategy is part of a conversation with consumers, however, you will be able to pass on relevant information. From here, the sky is the limit!