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How To Get Coverage For Your Home Despite a Low Credit Score

Although not always the case, insurance companies often will check out your credit score before they give you homeowner insurance rates. This shouldn’t stop you from seeking out an insurer, since homeowner’s insurance is typically a requirement of mortgage. If you’re worried about receiving a feasible rate on homeowner’s insurance because of bad credit, doing adequate research will set you up for success.

A good credit score is typically determined by having a score higher than 650 and a bad credit score is anything lower. The problem when looking for homeowner’s insurance with bad credit is that many traditional insurance carriers won’t even consider you, making your only option a high-risk insurer (which won’t necessarily change your coverage but will make you pay more).

Improving your credit score unfortunately takes time and steady attention to detail. You will most likely benefit from looking back through your credit history for any inaccuracies or instances of possible identity theft. If you do happen to come across anything that seems sketchy, you should submit relevant documentation to the three major credit bureaus along with the evidence initially found. Making consistent notes on your credit history will likely help you improve your credit score, and the prospect of your homeowner’s insurance rates going up will decrease.