Vessel Owners

How Marine Pollution Insurance Covers Non-Vessel Owners

Owners and operators of marine vessels have a difficult profession where any security or safety compromise can result in disastrous environmental damage, property destruction and potential injury or death. However, workers not directly involved in the control of these vehicles can also be held liable in these incidents. A non-vessel owner policy can protect the employees and the company from legal liability and other associated costs.

What Is the Difference?

In marine pollution insurance policies, the insured is generally held responsible for potential damage. In most common vessel owner and operator programs, the people controlling the ships are found liable for costs and repairs. Meanwhile, non-vessel owner programs are for liable employees that lacked direct control of the vehicle.

Who Is Covered?

Non-owner programs cover a wide range of workers not involved in ship ownership or operation. Insurance authorities like include the following positions:

  • Crane operators
  • Dock owners
  • Bridge operators
  • Line handlers

The marine industry involves several different roles. Every position can lead to pollution, so insurance coverage is essential to reducing the risk.

What Is Covered?

As with most programs, non-vessel owner insurance covers all legal expenses from a hazardous substance spill. Some providers also add coverage for other substances that do not fit that classification.

Marine workers not involved with vessels can also fall victim to variables that lead to pollution. A specific coverage plan can protect them and their employer from liability costs.

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