Cell Captive Insurance

Getting the Most Out of Segregated Cell Captive Insurance

When you’re presented with options for insurance, you want to take time to ensure you’re receiving all of the most helpful data. In some cases, you might not be aware of all of the alternatives. A rent-a-captive insurance program, for example, is one that tends to yield a number of benefits for those involved. Getting an idea of the benefits can help guide you to whether or not this is a sensible fit for your organization.

How You Benefit

There are several key benefits that come with using segregated cell captive insurance. For one, you will have enhanced control over the risks of the self-insured versus the owners of the cell. Many investors also appreciate this structure because it allows them to see investment income and profits from underwriting. All of this serves to boost the cash flow of the organization, keeping working capital available for priorities outside of insurance. Other advantages you can expect from exploring this type of structure can include:

How To Make the Right Choice

Understanding all of your insurance options is crucial when it comes to the long-term success of your organization. Learn more about cell captives to see how you can get involved and protect your company in a way that makes sense.

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