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Food Contamination: A Major Concern to Restaurants

The dining experience at a restaurant should leave patrons full, happy and smiling. After all, they’ve paid good money to eat a meal they hope to truly enjoy. While your staff strives to serve only the finest meals cooked to perfection this isn’t always the case. Sometimes an item may leave the kitchen containing bacteria, may be undercooked, or could have been somehow accidentally contaminated.


Cross contamination in kitchens is a real concern, and one that can create health risks. When this happens, the likelihood of customers becoming ill from food served to them can become a reality. This is a potential risk in any kitchen and Fine Dining Insurance in California is the policy that deals specifically with this issue.


Your staff must be alert to the dangers


Kitchen staff should ideally serve food that they themselves would take pleasure in eating. If they become lax in the preparation of meals, they run a greater risk of serving patrons contaminated meats or other tainted items, which is why it’s essential to have insurance. Maintaining a properly trained staff, one experienced in food handling procedures, helps to ensure that no unsanitary practices are taking place.


Employees should be following specific guidelines in order to keep your facility safe and sanitary. Raw meats, for example poultry, are among the main carriers of harmful bacteria. It’s essential that any bacteria discovered is removed immediately and is not accidentally transferred to other foods on preparation surfaces.


Instruct kitchen staff to keep raw and ready-to-eat foods in separate areas at all times. Raw foods should be kept in well-sealed containers and on the lowest shelves in the refrigerators (or walk-in coolers) to prevent them from spilling or dripping onto other foods on lower shelves, which can easily result in contamination. Staff should also be instructed to use separate cutting boards for raw foods as well.


Running an efficient kitchen takes organization and planning. Regardless of how careful employees may be, it takes just one mistake to possibly ruin all you’ve worked hard to produce. Food contamination is a very serious thing. Protect your business with Fine Dining Insurance in California for any concerns related to food preparation.

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