Filing a Renters Insurance Claim in Florida


Renters Insurance Florida

For those who rent apartments, it is important to remember that a landlord’s homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover a tenant’s personal property that is damaged. Renter’s insurance in Florida generally covers the personal belongings of the tenant who resides in a home or dwelling that they rent.


Understanding coverage for renters in the state of Florida


Florida state laws provide for property insurance to cover all real and personal property, regardless if the property is on land, in the water or in the air. Property insurance also includes renter’s insurance. A policy will cover personal belongings inside the renter’s home, and also insures against personal injuries that occur inside the rental home.


An insurance company will typically provide an HO-4 policy to individuals who want insurance for their personal belongings while renting. Most policyholders are required to pay a deductible on their policy for any damages to their property before their insurer will cover payment of the damages. It is important to examine any policy to determine what is covered, as there may be provisions excluding types of property, or speak to an agent if there are specific questions concerning coverage for unique or valuable items.


Filing a claim in Florida


Should an individual’s property become damaged from some natural disaster or if property was stolen, it is important to contact the agency that issued the policy to begin the claims policy. It is a good idea to have receipts, photos or any other proof of items that are being filed in the claim. It is important to file the claim in a timely manner because any delay could ultimately result in a denial of the claim by the provider.


It is possible that, by delaying the filing a claim, the filing could fall outside the statute of limitations, and any claim for damages could also be denied. A statute of limitations is the maximum amount of time allowed within which an individual can file a claim. If an individual files outside of the time period, they will likely not be able to receive compensation or recover for any damages.


When filing a claim it is important to request that all correspondence with the insurer is in writing. Keep records of every time a conversation or meeting takes place, as this information can be helpful in documenting the claims process and insuring that the claim will be validated. Renters can only benefit from having Florida renters insurance in the event they need to file a claim.