public school insurance Indiana

Essential Insurance for Employers in Public Education

In light of the costly claims students can make against Indiana public schools, the risk of employee claims can easily be overlooked. However, it is essential for every school to find a policy for public school insurance in Indiana that addresses common risks any employer or business faces. Most schools can significantly benefit from addressing the following issues through expanded insurance coverage.


Poor Employment Practices


Teachers and other employees may make claims for various employment practices issues, including discrimination, wrongful termination, and wrongful dismissal. In the current political climate, it can be difficult for employers to fully protect against these claims when making decisions regarding hiring, promotions, or firing. Unfortunately, the decisions of a few staff members can have serious financial consequences.


Administrative Decision-Making


School administrators and board members may be held liable for various unintentional failings, including mistakes, omissions, oversights, and other forms of professional negligence. The duties of administrators and directors are diverse, ranging from managing finances to overseeing employment practices, which makes eliminating errors difficult. A mistake in just one area may provide grounds for costly claims.


Using Educator Legal Liability Coverage


To address these risks, school administrators should add Educators Legal Liability to their policies for public school insurance in Indiana. This coverage offers many of the same benefits as directors & officers insurance, errors & omissions insurance, and employment practice insurance. However, it combines the types of coverage that educators need without adding any extra features. Schools that opt for this coverage can significantly lower the financial risk associated with claims brought by employees and other professional partners.


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