Selling a property without even having to show someone around sounds like a great way to make easy deals. However, selling properties sight unseen can come with some risks. If you get one of these rare deals, take the right precautions to protect yourself.

Lead With Transparency

As a seller, honesty is always the best policy. This becomes even more important when your potential buyer can’t physically tour the property they are about to buy. Disclose everything you know about the property, even if you worry that you may scare your buyer. It’s better for them to walk away fully informed rather than buy with misconceptions.

Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Place

To cover yourself, imagine what you would need to know about a property. Think about any significant flaws, hazards, and neighborhood issues that could detract from the quality of life. Don’t let your buyer be surprised.

Protect Yourself

When you are selling properties sight unseen and the client is unhappy, there is a risk they could try to hold you liable. This is where clear and documented disclosures will help protect you. It’s also a good idea to have real estate insurance.

Selling a home to a client who hasn’t seen it is a great opportunity as long as you take the right steps to protect your business.

By Roy