Professional Liability for Nurses

Debunking Myths About Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses

When you work in the healthcare industry, mistakes are going to happen. Even the most highly trained medical professionals aren’t perfect all the time, and one mistake can prove catastrophic to your nursing career if you aren’t adequately insured. Many who decide against obtaining professional liability for nurses do because of several circulating inaccuracies, so let’s clear up some of the myths surrounding professional liability insurance in a medical setting.

Myth 1: Nurses Are Covered Under Their Employer’s Insurance

While this may be true in some cases, it’s hardly a hard and fast rule, and you should ask your employer just how much it provides as well as exactly what it covers. Be aware that employers can also potentially sue you for any money they had to shell out on your behalf. Additionally, in the event the hospital files for bankruptcy, any money reserved for legal services could disappear.

Myth 2: Carrying Insurance Increases Your Risk of a Lawsuit or Claim

This is false. Generally, a plaintiff’s lawyer will name anyone with involvement in the case from the outset, and won’t find out whether each individual holds insurance until later. Be cautious, however, because holding too much insurance can make you a target by encouraging the plaintiff’s lawyer to pursue a claim based exclusively on nursing negligence.

Professional liability for nurses is a great option for those looking to protect their career in the same manner they do their home or car. Just as you wouldn’t want to lose either in the event of an accident, professional liability protects what is arguably your biggest asset of all  your career.



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