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Cyber Deception in the 21st Century

While it may be difficult to fathom in 2019, but society used to operate quite well before the advent of the internet. The world was not connected continuously every second, and there were more forms of analog entertainment. It would be difficult to argue that processes were more efficient during that time, however. With this said, if you do not have a smartphone or are not on the popular social media platform of the day, you may quickly become an outsider. Many individuals trust the majority of information they come across on the internet, and this can often be detrimental. For people wary of cyber interactions, they invest in cyber deception insurance.

Why Purchase Cyber Deception Insurance?

As more connections to the internet are made, the possibility of deceiving naïve individuals increase dramatically. Even the children of the 1990s did not grow up with smartphones until they were preparing for college. Nowadays, toddlers can masterfully swipe notifications off an iPhone or Android tablet. Instead of wasting energy deceiving you in the flesh, mischievous individuals now find prey on the internet. Since the internet can be placed in your pocket or somewhere on your body, the possibility of deception is always present in 2019. Cyber deception insurance will surely become a bigger topic once artificial intelligence and machine learning reach maturity in the marketplace.

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