Customize Your Contractor Insurance Policy

Customize Your Contractor Insurance Policy

There are a number of options when creating your New Jersey contractors insurance policy, and it is easy to just pick an easy general option, but there are many benefits to looking into specific individual add-ons. Many of the broad plans can leave you open to a range of claims. Here are a couple individual policies that might enhance what you already have.

Pollution Liability

As the world goes green, there are a number of policies in place to protect the environment and ensure the longevity of the earth. Sadly, new state and federal regulations can leave contractors open to a number of violations. If you are accused or found guilty of acts that resulted in pollution, these policies will make sure that you are protected.

Builders Risk

When beginning a project, you take on responsibility for the building and the supplies stored on site, as such if something happens while a facility is under construction, you could be left financially responsible for the damages. By including builder’s risk options in your New Jersey contractors insurance, you will not end up in financial ruin due to outside forces. A small edition to your larger policy can make a significant difference. Do your research and find the individual policies that are right for you.