What Is Covered by Workers Comp Insurance

What Is Covered by Workers Comp Insurance

New York workers comp insurance is required for all businesses that employ more than three full-time workers. These policies are designed to provide assistance and financial protection for workers who are injured while on the job, no matter how minor or serious the condition. State laws outline many of the specifics of New York workers comp claims, but there are some general rules that hold true in most if not all circumstances.


Employees Are Eligible for Benefits Regardless of Who Was at Fault


The employer does not have to be at fault to be required to pay out workers comp benefits. As long as the employee was behaving within the guidelines outlined in the company manual or guide to best practices, he or she is generally eligible for benefits.


Employees Are Eligible for Lost Wages


If the employee misses a significant amount of work due to the injury, then workers comp pays out an amount equivalent to a percentage of wages he or she would have earned.


Injuries, Illnesses, and Other Problems Are All Covered


It is not only injuries that are covered by workers comp. Illnesses and other persistent conditions are also covered, as long as it can be proven that they were acquired on the job.


Even extremely safe and careful workplaces cannot avoid the occasional accident. This is why New York workers comp is essential to a healthy work environment.


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