Nursing Home Insurance Costs

Comprehensive Insurance Programs for Nursing Homes Meet Their Special Needs

Nursing homes require specific coverage to meet their particular business needs. Not only are nursing homes centers of live-in health care with staff that include doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, but also, nursing homes employ staff for buildings, maintenance, directors, administrative staff and others. All of these employees need to be covered properly with worker’s compensation insurance and professional and general liability insurance. The nursing home insurance cost will be determined by the size and scope of the facility.

Managing Risk for a Nursing Home

Like most businesses, nursing homes need to be covered by proper insurance programs. Not all insurance providers are equipped to help meet the risks for a nursing home, but professional insurance agencies that understand the nursing home, or residential care places markets can assess these businesses and provide a policy that will be worth the nursing home insurance costs. General liability insurance, for example, is only a beginning to the type of coverage needed at a nursing or retirement home. Property insurance for buildings and land as well as business interruption insurance should be included as well as provisions for automobile insurance for all nursing home passenger and transport vans.

In addition to providing protection to minimize risk to the business, nursing home insurance costs help facilities prevent and manage risks through comprehensive policies.