Orlando business insurance coverage

Common Gaps in Business Insurance Coverage

Insuring a business can become complicated quickly, and gaps can occur even if you’ve been paying close attention. If insuring your business is important to you, here are some gaps for you to examine that may be in your current policy. By looking into your Orlando business insurance coverage, you can make sure you’re properly insured.

Make sure you list everyone included under the policy, as having an incorrect list is one of the biggest errors in this area. As for your general liability policy, make sure that if you’ve acquired any companies or are working on a joint project that others are covered as well. If you have cyber liability insurance, make sure you’re covered for the loss of electric data, which can occur from physical damage to computers. Many professional liability policies don’t have a limit high enough or tail coverage for claims made against employees before they retired from the company. Double check that the description of your services is as accurate as possible, or else your coverage may become invalid. As for workers compensation, many policies don’t cover volunteer workers or incidents in other states.

These are just a handful of common gaps in Orlando business insurance coverage, but by working with an experienced and professional agent, you can avoid mishaps with your insurance and protect your business with a solid plan.