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Choosing Healthy Habits

Choosing Healthy Habits

It seems that everyone these days is carrying a smartphone. Even the aging population has converted from rotary phones to digital devices of speed and precision. Although there is much to be said about the addiction to screen time, a well-designed app can improve your productivity and make life easier. An Allegiant mobile app recommendation that fits this category of usefulness is Forest.

The Benefits of Growing Trees

With the help of Forest, you can tame your addiction to your phone while increasing your appreciation of the world around you. The app is designed as a deterrent from continually checking your phone for messages, logging into social media or even web browsing or shopping. The app creates the opportunity for you to set a timer on your phone and encourages you to keep from going past the lock screen. The screen saver turns into a seed that continues to grow into a tree each time you succeed in honoring your commitment. The more trees you grow, you earn points and unlock new types of trees.

This Allegiant mobile app recommendation can help you save time and money by focusing on the priorities of your life. You can commit to healthy habits that increase your productivity and reduce stress. Taking care of your health might start with growing a tree.

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