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Vessel Owners

How Marine Pollution Insurance Covers Non-Vessel Owners

Owners and operators of marine vessels have a difficult profession where any security or safety compromise can result in disastrous environmental damage, property destruction and potential injury or death. However, workers not directly involved in the control of these vehicles can also be held liable in these incidents. A non-vessel owner policy can protect the…


Understanding X Mod Insurance

When employees are injured at their workplace, business owners must pay Workers’ Compensation or risk being sued. The payments that business owners make qualify as X Mod insurance. How To Interpret the X Mod Factor X Mod is a shortened form of experience modification and refers to how the comparative safety of a workplace affects…

water color management

Water Contaminants To Watch Out For

Water contaminants are one of the main reasons companies in the industry often seek out top-notch water treatment coverage. As per, two of the more hazardous ones to watch out for are mold and Legionella. Here are a few important facts about these potentially disastrous water contaminants. Mold You are putting everyone at risk if…