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wholesale Healthcare Facilities Insurance

Wholesale Healthcare Facilities Insurance

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly. Hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, assisted living centers and long-term facilities are providing care to an increasing number of patients every day. These healthcare facilities are vital to our community and provide life-saving services. So what happens when they need help? Who do they turn to? Healthcare professionals must have…

workmans comp insurance

Three Simple Business Insurance Options To Understand

Small business owners tend to struggle with finding the insurance coverage they need. Whether it’s due to a lack of time or familiarity with the terminology, the process can be frustrating and lead to more questions than answers. If you’re currently searching for insurance, here’s what you can expect from three popular coverages for small…

crime coverage insurance

Standard Business Polices Don’t Cover Employee Fraud

A general liability insurance policy doesn’t cover every type of liability that you may encounter in your business. These policies may cover things that include: Negligence Personal injury Copyright Infringement Defense costs However, they rarely ever covered issues with employee fraud, including theft, burglary, counterfeiting and embezzling. For these crimes, you need to have crime…