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Can Attorneys Get Sued?

When you think of an attorney, you commonly think of the person on your side of a legal case. While an attorney’s job does usually revolve around helping clients win cases, they can get sued. For this reason, it is important for them to purchase attorney professional liability insurance.

Protection Against Malpractice

Just like doctors, attorneys sometimes commit malpractice. When they fail to perform their duty as an attorney, they may be liable to the person or persons they harmed. Because attorneys are exposed to a variety of risks and malpractice is common, it is important to protect against this risk. Insurance is one of the most valuable tools to minimize the risks involved with malpractice.

Tailor a Policy to Your Needs

Because all attorneys differ, they each need specific insurance policies. These policies can address their risks based on what they are exposed to each day. Some of the policies also provide tools to help attorneys prevent lawsuits and decrease their risks.

If you are an attorney, it is important to recognize the threat of lawsuits. Talk to an insurance agent about attorney professional liability insurance to determine what coverage you need. This will provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on doing your job.