NJ errors omissions insurance

Businesses That Thrive with Errors and Omissions Insurance

NJ errors omissions insurance or E&O insurance is a professional liability insurance. It protects employers and employees against clients who claim inadequate work or negligence. Find out if you run a business that needs E&O insurance.

Service Workers

If you are a professional that offers services to a client, then E&O insurance is beneficial. Any time you provide a service, there is a risk that a client might say that it is inadequate and blame negligence for it. For example, you real estate agents often face lawsuits after homeowners find defects in a property. The odds of you needing E&O insurance in service work is always high.

Contract Workers

Clients often appreciate contractors that have E&O insurance. This helps protect you and the client and most will not sign a contract without it. While this happens often in the IT and construction fields, you may find it in plenty of others too. For instance, a photographer may need E&O insurance.

Government Contractors

When it comes to government contracts, you are required to have errors and omissions insurance. This will help protect government contractors from any of the risks that they are exposed to while on the job.

If you run a business, no matter how large or small, odds are, you are in an industry that requires NJ errors omissions insurance.