Indiana, cyber security insurance

Your Business Needs Cyber Security Insurance

Your company’s electronic data and files are its lifeblood. In Indiana, cyber security insurance offers you a way to protect your company in the event your business suffers from a cyber attack, no matter how big or small. These attacks can come from outside your company, by a third-party vendor, or from within, by a disgruntled employee. If your company is connected to the internet, even if it’s just for using e-mail, you are at risk of a cyber attack.

The Fallout Ruins You, Not the Attack

When a cyber attack happens, the expenses can build up quickly. Among the various costs, your company can face after an attack are,

  • Notifying customers, vendors and other partners about the attack
  • Pinpointing how the attack occurred
  • PR fees to rebuild your company’s reputation
  • Monitoring your business credit cards
  • Lawsuits resulting from the loss of sensitive data.

In addition to all of these items, your company also will have to upgrade your computer security systems. If your business is located in Indiana, cyber security insurance, provides you with a way to cover these costs without driving your company into bankruptcy. Protect your business by reviewing your cyber security insurance coverage options with your professional insurance representative. The peace-of-mind this provides is priceless.

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