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The Best Insurance for Your Restaurant

Whether you’ve just opened an upscale eatery or you decided to buy in on a fast food franchise, insuring your restaurant is a necessity before you can welcome your first customers. When speaking to your insurance agents in Champaign, determine which of these policies are most important for your establishment.

BOP Insurance

A business owner’s policy is the umbrella insurance of the restaurant industry. This policy bundles the most important coverage together, including property insurance, liability protection and business interruption coverage. For example, if your restaurant must close due to flooding, a BOP policy helps to cover repairs as well as loss of profits due to unexpected closings.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Chances are you aren’t waiting tables, washing dishes and cooking food all by yourself, which means you need to provide your employees with workers’ compensation insurance. The amount varies depending on several factors, but your insurance agents in Champaign will help you find the right policy. Workers’ compensation will assist employees who have been injured on the job.

Liquor Insurance

If your establishment serves alcohol, you need to protect it. A liquor insurance policy covers you in the event that a patron leaves your restaurant and gets into an accident or otherwise gets into legal trouble. Without insurance, you may be held liable for a customer’s actions.

When choosing your insurance agents in Champaign, ensure you choose an agency that is experienced not just in business insurance, but in restaurant policies specifically. Doing so means you will have true experts to help you through the process.

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