business insurance in Glen Rock

Who Benefits from Your Insurance Coverage?

Your business affects many people. When you purchase business insurance in Glen Rock, you might believe that you are primarily protecting yourself. The truth, however, is that your business owner’s policy (BOP) protects almost everyone who comes into contact with your business.

Your property insurance protects your building and everything it contains. It also, however, can cover any damage caused to your neighbors from your property. For example, if an act of nature blows your sign into the front window of the office next door, your policy may cover both the repair to your sign and the repair to your neighbor’s window.

Your commercial liability policy can save you from having to pay legal fees when someone sues your business. However, it also protects the person suing you. If damages are rewarded as a result of the legal action, your commercial policy can pay those damages. You reap the benefit of not having to pay for them out of pocket, and the plaintiff is assured that the damages will indeed be paid.

When you buy business insurance in Glen Rock, you are protecting yourself and your business from potentially devastating expenses. You are also, however, protecting everyone affected by the associated incidents.

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