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Basics of Workers’ Compensation for a Machine Dealer

Anyone who works with machinery, whether using it or selling it, must take special safety precautions. Unfortunately, even when taking the proper precautions, accidents happen sometimes. If you sell or otherwise work with machinery, it is important to have a solid workers’ compensation plan as part of your machine dealer insurance policy.

What the Policy Does

A workers’ compensation policy covers your employees should they become injured or sick because of the work they do. The policy typically covers medical bills, loss of wages and related financial expenses. There are some limitations, however. A policy won’t cover injuries due to intoxication, fighting or violating company policies, among several other circumstances.

Your Responsibilities as an Employer

You may or may not need to carry workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. The law varies by state and according to your industry or number of employees. However, it is a good idea to provide the insurance even if you aren’t required to. Additionally, it is important to post proper safety notices as well as notices that inform your employees of their rights. If an employee receives an injury, you should provide a claim form for workers’ compensation within 24 hours.

When seeking an agent to provide you with machine dealer insurance, don’t forget to ask about a workers’ compensation policy. Providing this coverage shows you are a safe and responsible employer who cares about your employees.

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