warehouse insurance in Orlando, FL

Basic Insurance Coverage Options For Your Warehouse

Warehousing plays a major role in the success of the logistics industry. In order to protect this key aspect of the process, warehouses must ensure that they have the right insurance coverage. Unfortunately, finding insurance can be somewhat overwhelming for new warehouse owners. As you search for warehouse insurance in Orlando, FL, here are some of the basic coverages that you should expect to include in your policy.

Property Insurance: offers payment to repair or replace your warehouse structure, equipment, furniture and other covered items in case of certain storms, fire, vandalism or theft.

General Liability: offers payment to cover fees related to any lawsuits resulting from a third party experiencing bodily injury or property loss because of your business activities.

Warehouse Legal Liability: offers payment towards any damages or loss to your customers’ property during storage, cross-docking, picking, packaging or any other services you offer.

Business Interruption: offers payment towards revenue that you missed out on because of lost or damaged property.

Flood Insurance: offers payment to replace or repair property that may have gotten damaged by flood water.

Many other options exist for warehouse insurance in Orlando, FL. Working with an experienced agent can help to ensure that you get the coverage mix that’s right for your business.