Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

What Does Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Attorneys professional liability insurance covers you against being sued by a client. It works much like any other type of insurance. However, this also means that coverage can vary. While your specific policy will have its own distinct coverage options, there are some general things that all policies will cover.

Defense Costs

Most policies are going to offer coverage for any costs you incur when defending yourself in a suit. You won’t likely be able to defend yourself, so you will need to hire another attorney to handle the case. These costs, as you likely know, can add up quickly. The insurance is there to help lessen that burden.


Policies also usually cover damages that you may be required to pay as a result of a suit. Typically, the attorneys professional liability insurance won’t cover them extensively, but they will cover a nice chunk so you can avoid financial troubles.

When you secure attorneys professional liability insurance coverage, you are protecting yourself against something that you hope never happens. Just as with any insurance, though, having it is much better than not having it. If you do end up being sued, you can rest assured that you will have help with any defense costs and with paying for any damages you may be ordered to pay.