Why Do Architects Need Professional Liability Insurance?

As an architect, you may think that professional liability insurance is something that only doctors need. However, there are several reasons why errors and omissions for architects insurance coverage is a necessity for your operations.


Mistakes Happen


While you are working on projects, even a minor mistake can result in severe consequences. For instance, if your client constructs a building according to your design plans and then later blames you for a mold problem, you could get caught up in an expensive legal battle without an errors and omissions for architects insurance policy.


Your Clients May Require It


Even if you don’t necessarily think that you need one of these policies, you may find that some clients won’t work with you unless you have one. Due to this, you may find that the amount of business you receive increases once you obtain professional liability insurance.


You Can’t Do Everything


As your architectural firm becomes more successful, overseeing every aspect of the projects you work on may become unrealistic. This form of insurance not only provides protection for the mistakes that you make, but the errors that any one of your employees is responsible for.


If you don’t already have professional liability coverage, don’t wait until it’s too late. Instead, you may want to consider meeting with an insurance professional to discuss what coverage options are available to you.