Captive Insurance

Agency Captives Act as an Alternative to Traditional Insurance

Traditional insurance options are not always the best fit for all businesses. In fact, you might find your commercial establishment is not getting as much as it should out of your current policy. Finding a more appropriate fit helps you cover your bases and provides you with the ability to protect your business, your employees, and your assets. One alternative worth consideration is an agency captive. When you lack an insurer who is capable of providing coverage that meets the demands of your business, a captive might be the perfect fit.

Benefits of Agency Captives

Understanding the advantages of working with an agency captive insurance company can be important in determining if it is a good option for you. Though the agency you work with will not assume all of the duties of a traditional insurance provider, the company will still take on some of the risks. This shared responsibility gives the agency reason to keep your business safe and free from claims. Other noteworthy benefits to this type of arrangement include:

  • Can accept accounts of all sizes
  • Perfect for high-risk businesses with many hazards
  • Options for Workers’ Comp and other policies

Agency Captives as a Practical Alternative

Selecting appropriate insurance for your commercial business is not always going to be a straightforward experience. Look into alternatives like agency captives to determine if you can benefit from taking a less traditional approach to your insurance needs.

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