Construction Sites

Accident Prevention on Construction Sites

Jobsite safety has to be a top priority in any type of construction project. Construction managers, supervisors, and individual workers all play an important role in accident prevention. Thorough training and vigilant situational awareness have to be an important part of how each individual carries out his or her specific job duties in order to keep an entire crew safe.

Follow Local and Federal Regulations

Many construction activities are subject to both local and federal safety standards. It’s essential that crew members are familiar with all applicable standards and key personnel is tasked with responsibility for ensuring compliance.

Ensure That Tools and Machinery Are Safe

If there is any type of problem with the tools or machinery that workers are using, it could result in a major injury or even a fatality. Establishing protocols for inspecting and maintaining the tools and machinery that workers use to carry out their job duties is a critical component of construction accident prevention.

Mandate the Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Basic protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles can protect workers against potentially serious injury. It’s advisable for contractors who employ a large number of workers to supply any required gear directly and provide clear instructions about when protective equipment must be worn.

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