A Strategic Approach to Balancing Risk in Restaurants

Restaurant operators need to carefully balance a wide variety of responsibilities in the course of a work day. The multifaceted day-to-day activities of running a restaurant create a unique scope of liability risk. Effective risk management strategies for restaurants should include practices aimed at proactively protecting a restaurant from loss as well as protecting staff and patrons from injuries.

Injury Prevention

Training will make workers better able to avoid on-the-job injuries. Working with hot surfaces and preparing food safely should be key training topics. Managerial staff needs to be attentive to the condition and cleanliness of the premises.

Alcohol Liability Awareness

Allegations of overserving a patron could impart considerable liability to a restaurant that serves alcohol. A restaurant may be liable for an overserved patrons’ conduct both on and off the premises.

Protection Against Data Breaches

Many restaurants use some form of online platform for accepting orders and payments. They likely store or access personal or financial information belonging to customers or employees electronically. These activities can create a substantial cyber security risk. Secure data management practices and a cyber liability policy will offer vital protection.

Ultimately, good training and strong attention to detail will mitigate restaurants’ risk of liability and loss. Comprehensive restaurant insurance can equip them with vital coverage that safeguards their businesses.


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