Operating a crane is one of the more exciting construction jobs available. There are definitely worse jobs to have than moving things around while you are perched up high in a crane cab with a great view of your surroundings. However, operating a crane can be risky.  There is always a certain amount of risk involved with using any kind of heavy equipment and cranes are no exception. This makes it extremely important that you have crane insurance.

What Is Crane Insurance?

Crane insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects against common risks that come along with the use of a crane. It can cover things like damage done to your crane as well as offer protection against liability issues.

What Types Of Coverage Can You Get With Crane Insurance?

Crane insurance offers a variety of different coverage types to meet all of your specific needs. First, there is general liability insurance which can protect you from a variety of liability issues, including things like bodily injury and property damage-related claims. Property and equipment coverage protects your expensive crane and its associated equipment from common risks like theft, equipment breakdown, and weather-related damage.

Operating a crane comes with a certain amount of risk. Crane insurance can help mitigate a lot of that risk.

By Roy