A Short Guide To Coastal Property Insurance

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy is usually comprehensive enough to protect those with a regular home from the usual risks like fire, theft, and falling tree branches. However, those living near a coast generally face additional risks that may fall outside of the coverage a typical homeowner’s policy can provide. Additionally, many insurance providers won’t offer standard homeowners insurance to people living on a coast because of the higher risk of storms and flooding. Luckily, coastal property coverage can help protect your home if you are in this situation.

What Is Coastal Property Insurance?

Coastal property insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects buildings within 5 miles of a coast. It has specialized protection that addresses a variety of threats that come along with living in close proximity to a coast. It can protect your home from things like high coastal winds, hurricanes, and severe storms.

Does Coastal Property Insurance Protect Against Floods?

Unfortunately, coastal property insurance does not protect you from the financial consequences of flooding. If you want protection from this risk, you will have to purchase a seperate flood protection policy.

While living near a coast can provide you with great views, it also comes with a certain amount of added risk. Coastal property insurance can help you address this risk and get ahead of any potential incidents.

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