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3 Reasons To Consider Insurance for Your Horses

Owning horses, whether for business or pleasure, is a great honor and greater responsibility. Your investment deserves good health and protection from potential incidents. Horse insurance can benefit you and your horses for a variety of reasons.

To Pay for Medical Treatments

The horses can suffer from disease or injury at any point. Though sometimes you can avoid their death with timely medical treatment, you may find it difficult to pay for out-of-pocket expenses. A solid insurance plan can cover immediate costs for the horses’ healing and recovery process.

To Make Up for Financial Loss

If you own a business that depends on your horses, such as entertainment or breeding, it may be negatively affected if they become ill or pass away. A complete insurance plan can make up for any financial loss caused by these unfortunate events. If someone is injured from horse use, it can also include legal and medical costs that could otherwise hurt the business.

To Cover Property and Equipment Damage

The buildings that house horses, as well as the equipment that facilitates horse care and use, are vulnerable to damage and wear. G.A. Mavon Insurance includes stables, farm structures, personal property and other objects as part of an overall horse insurance plan.

Horses are essential companions in entertainment and business ventures. Ensure their wellbeing and the protection of your business with a customized, complete insurance plan.

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