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3 Reasons You Need Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance

As a staffing agency, you are responsible for your employees’ actions on the job and behind the wheel. Here are several reasons your staffing agency needs a strong hired non-owned auto insurance policy.

1. Protect Your Staffing Agency

First and foremost, this policy provides essential protection for your agency in the event that one of your employees causes property damage or injury to others while on the job and driving a personal, hired or client-owned vehicle. Without proper coverage, damages from these incidents can take a heavy toll on your budget.

2. Protect Clients

A hired non owned auto insurance policy also provides some protection to your clients, who are, after all, your main source of business. Such coverage means that they are less likely to be liable for damages in the event a temporary employee is involved in an accident.

3. Supplement Employee Insurance

Your employee’s car insurance is often the first resource tapped after an accident of this nature. If it is insufficient to cover the damages or is no longer in effect, however, your agency’s auto insurance policy may come into play.

Keep in mind that coverage of various expenses, such as damage to hired vehicles, may vary from policy to policy. Thus, it’s important to choose carefully when selecting the coverage that best suits your company’s needs.

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