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2 Factors that Can Save You Money on Your Car Insurance Premium

When searching for car insurance from agencies like Texas Preferred Insurance, it is good to know that various data factors into your quoted premium. Insurers look at your driving record, your credit history, the kind of car you drive, and more.

Some of these factors are beyond your control, but some you can use to your advantage. Here are two:

Use All the Discounts You Can

When you are asking insurers for a quote, make sure they are including any discounts you qualify for. For example, are you willing to pay the full amount of your premium up front rather than monthly? You may get a discount for doing so.

If you have a clean driving record, many insurance companies will lower your premium. That safe record tells insurers they are less likely to have to pay a claim. Safety features can lower your payment, too. So can bundling your home and auto policies.

Raise Your Deductible

Another effective way to save money is to raise your deductible. Instead of paying $500 up front, out of pocket if you file a claim, tell your insurer you will pay $1,000. The insurer will likely lower your monthly payment.

Talk to insurers like Texas Preferred Insurance to understand how you can save on auto insurance. Most insurers will help you find the discounts you deserve.

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